Myagdi District
Beni Bazaar

Beni Bazar, situated at the banks of Kali Gandaki River serves as the trading point for the Myagdi and Mustang districts and lies at the distance of 80 km from Pokhara. Beni Bazaar is populated by around 15000 people comprising of various ethnic groups, primarily Newar, Brahmin, Kshitri, Magar, Kami, Damai and Chantyal. The residents of the center market are mainly merchants whereas others rely upon farming and service to earn their livelihood. The Village Development Committee where the Community Library and Resource Center is located has fifteen educational institutions, used for the student population of around 8000. Myagdi Community Library and Resource Center is located in Arthunge V.D.C., Beni Bazaar, across from the Myagdi Community School. The business enterprises will include storefront rentals.